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Built on the concept of Value-Centric Economy and leveraging cutting-edge technologies and design principles, the i5 project is a pro-social, pro-economic, and pro-environmental move, conceived around values of inclusion, prosperity, and welfare.


The objective of the i5 project is to empower people and businesses to develop enabling support systems around coherent incentive and value systems to harness the power of collective intelligence and contributions to address the aggravating social, environmental, and economic challenges.

The support system of i5 consists of purpose-driven and forward-thinking people, institutions, industries, businesses, communities, regulatory bodies, and policymakers. The value system design of i5 targets onboarding more contributors into the economy with empowering incentive systems, a self-promoting and circular model as a use case in action for Value-Centric Economy; regenerative, enabling, inclusive, progressive, and prosperous by design.

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